What is the best wire free bra?

“I want something I can wear for my 12 hour shifts.”, “This pesky wire keeps digging into me. I don't think under-wire is my thing.”, “What’s a good bra for a busy full-time mom?” , “What's the most comfortable wireless bra?" are all questions and comments we hear on a daily. Well ask, and you shall receive. We've heard your question everyone, and are here to answer them!

First things first, we always want to encourage you to come in for a fitting to ensure that you're wearing a size that is perfect for you, no matter the bra. There's a possibility (AKA a high chance!) that if your current under-wire bra is causing you pain and discomfort, you're probably wearing an improper size, or the bra just isn't the right fit for you. These are all things our fitters are trained to know and would be happy to assist you in finding your true match. 

If even after a fitting, you're still looking for a wire-free bra that's perfect for on the go, versatile with colour and style, but still offers the lift and support that will have you feeling sexy and secure, the  Evelyn and Bobbie wire-free is the bra for you. Trust us, this bra is a fan favorite among the FYL customers!

Here at Forever Yours Lingerie, we only carry the best bras in Canada and in the whole world. So it only makes sense why we carry Evelyn & Bobbie, a must-have from our everyday bra collection! Evelyn & Bobbie have spent years perfecting the wireless bra, and from our professional standpoint, they did just that. Did you know 80% of your bra's support comes from the band? Crazy, huh? With non-wire, it becomes a little tricky to achieve that support and lifted look without the wires' help. Although, it's a piece of cake for their patented EB Core technology, making this the best wireless bra for lift and shape. This exclusive design acts as a shelf to three-dimensionally support your tatas all without the wire! As you can see, this is definitely the best wireless bra.

The moisture-wicking, antimicrobial material is seriously comfortable. Like so comfy, you'll forget you're wearing it. And with the smoothing back band and sides, people won't even know you're wearing it (besides the dead giveaway of being perfectly lifted of course!)

Currently, this show-stopping bra is offered in 3 styles, all available from sizes Small to 3X. All are made with the same EB core technology but offer different features. The Beyond comes with hooks and eyes for a more traditional bra feel, as well as adjustable straps. The Defy is your typical “sports bra” look, with the pullover style, and non-adjustable straps. Lastly, the Evelyn is designed with a scalloped neckline to prevent cutting in, and offer a deeper v-neck. The Evelyn is very similar to the Defy as it is a pullover, with wider, non-adjustable straps.


Another reason we love this bra is the shade range it offers. Currently, these bras come in 6 different beige shades, and 3 fun fashion colors, including the new limited edition pink fuschia and ruby red. P.S did you know red disappears under white? See, there's no reason to be afraid of a little bit of color!

These all offer removable pads, so if you're wanting a more rounded smooth look, you can pop the pads in, or take them out for a more natural look. The versatility of these bras are just endless, so why not get it in a cami? Yes, carry the Evelyn and Bobbie Cami too and they really allow for you to have different options depending on the day and the outfit you are wearing!

This best-selling bra is perfect for those of all shapes and sizes, including those with bigger busts, which we know can be difficult finding a wire-free bra that will keep you secure. We highly recommend these bras for someone who has a strenuous career, is a full-time mom, or even just the best bra to wear at home, while wanting to look stylish and sexy. 

Our priority at Forever Yours Lingerie is your comfort, always. We only carry the best bras in the world, so we have no doubt we will be able to find you something. Bras are tricky, they're not easy to understand. What might work for someone else, may not work for you. Like people, bras are not cookie cutters, so we encourage you to come in for a fitting so our professionals can assist you in finding something that fits you like the queen you are, even if you've had one in the past. Our bodies change daily, and that is completely normal! With a fitting and a quick chat, we can better understand you, which in turn helps us better understand the perfect bra for you. Our trained professional bra fitters know the ins and outs of bras and all the meticulous things that come with fitting. We will always have your comfort, confidence, and correct fit in mind when selecting the bra for you.