Sustainability Initiatives

We all need to do our part

The changes we've made

Girlfriend Collective Work out Tops

Eco Conscious brands

Over the last few years we have made a conscious effort to carry more brands that offer environmentally conscious products. BN3TH has launched a select line of Entourage style that is made from 100% post consumer recycled polyester. Huha is a new brand of panties that has taken the Lower Mainland by storm. Made from super soft tree-derived fabrics, breathable TENCEL™ Lyocell and TENCEL™ Modal x Micro that are derived from sustainably managed forests and/or made from FSC certified wood. Panty Promise is manufactured with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOT) fabric and fair trade factories to deliver sustainable panties while using ethical practices. What's not to love?!

Reusable & Recyclable Shopping Bags

Being a sustainable small business is always top priority here and will continue now. In 2019, we made some big changes to the items we use daily These are our reusable bags that are 100% compostable. Use it until you can’t anymore - then put it in the green bin! So simple and so good.

Since 2021 we have made the switch so ALL of our shopping bags are fully recyclable or compostable (even the handle!).

Sustainably sourced paper

We've done our research into sustainably sourced paper products for both our receipt printers and printer paper. Did you know that thermal rolls are not recyclable?! In the last year we have transferred to EcoChit Thermal Rolls for our receipt printers which is 100% BPA & BPS free, on 100% recycled cardboard core and sourced from sustainably managed forests. For every case purchased, EcoChit donates $1 to replenishing our worlds forests.

In addition to reducing the paper we use for office use, we have transitioned to Ledesma Paper sourced from sugar cane pulp, a resource replenished every 12 months.

ECO shipping materials

Over the years, we have become busier and busier with our online store. With that being said, packages are flying out the door in the multiple hundreds every week!

Now offering compostable mailers from The Better Packaging Co that can go straight into the compost bin. These 'dirt bags' are made primarily out of corn starch, PLA (Polylactide, which is made from waste corn too and other plants) and PBAT (more info here) and will biodegrade within 6 months.

Simply remove any tape from the bag and dispose of accordingly.

Vendor Plastic packaging

There is an exorbitant amount of plastic and non-recyclable packing products used in the fashion industry. Items wrapped in plastic, wrapped in more plastic and AGAIN in more!

Our fearless leader and business owner Sonya has challenged a number of our vendors to packing our orders with minimal to no plastic. Many of them have fulfilled and maintained our request. Sonya has set a precedent for the lingerie industry to the point where other lingerie stores are requesting the same.


The future is here! Now offering e-receipts for in-store purchases. Just give us your email address at the cash desk and we'll hold off on printing a paper copy of your purchase.

Recycling Program

Being a busy business with over 30 staff, we wanted to reduce our waste impact as a whole. We have an extensive recycling program that takes our soft plastic, hard plastic, paper, cardboard, organics and metals and processes it off site.

We also have a wonderful staff member Tayler that periodically runs our Styrofoam packaging and take out containers to a specialized recycling depot to ensure that is processed appropriately and doesn't end up in our landfills. Thanks, Tayler! <3

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