Sticky Bras 101

Did you just buy a strapless dress, need something to wear under your bridal lingerie or just want something other than a strapless bra? Sticky bra's are a great option to give you the support you need while staying hidden! We carry a variety of styles to suit any occasion, including Booby Tape, Boob Boost, My Perfect Pair and Brassy Bra. Each option is different but most have been proven to work for majority of breast types, yes even those with fuller busts, soft breast tissue or pendulous breasts.

Breast tape is meant to be worn underneath garments just as a bra would, however, you get the lift without all the straps and clasps! Depending on your garment, you will tape your breasts in position, stick the tape on and get your instant breast lift. Keep reading to learn more about sticky bra options

Booby Tape and Boob Boost
We've carried these fan favourites for a while, and for good reason as they lift any size bust, are latex free, vegan and have a variety of colours to suit different skin tones! While both  Booby Tape and Boob Boost offer very similar options. Although the key differences we want to note are that Booby Tape offers a wider colour range and Boob Boost is a Canadian company.

Both these breast tapes are waterproof making them perfect for underneath swimsuits and will hold you for as long as you need them for. You cut your own tape length to suit your unique figure with the 5 metre roll allowing you multiple uses, on average 3-10. 

Ingredients: Cotton, Spandex, Acrylic Adhesive

Brassy Bra, My Perfect Pair, Perky Pear

Looking for something a little more straight forward to apply? Our breast tape kit options make boob tape easy with their one large tape application. 

Both My Perfect Pair and the Brassy Bra allow for those with breasts of almost all sizes to get the support they need while remaining hidden and comfortable. The Brassy Bra is more of a minimalistic look with the smooth design while My perfect pair is sticky lace that offers a luxurious look. 

My Perfect Pair Ingredients:  48%, Rayon: 35%, Cotton: 17%, PU medical grade non-irritating adhesive.
Brassy Bra Ingredients:  97% cotton blend, latex-free and hypoallergenic.

My Perfect Pair Breast Tape

How To Put Breast Tape On

Step 1: Apply nipple covers (trust us, this step is important)
Step 2: Cut tape to desired length and apply Breast Tape
Step 3: Smooth tape and apply additional strips as needed for support
Step 4: Rock the outfit of your dreams and feel supported 


How To Wear Breast Tape

How To Remove Breast Tape

Although each breast tape is slightly different in terms of stickiness, we suggest removing all breast tape the same to avoid any skin irritation. Watch the video below for our best suggestion on how to remove breast tape.