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Short on time or hate the wait?

We offer appointments with our Bra Fit Specialists at both FYL locations during the weekdays. We don't require appointments though they are always encouraged to avoid long waits and to allow our team to provide a personal experience!

APPOINTMENTS are NOT NECESSARY on the weekends, first come first serve basis only.

Downtown Langley

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Q: Why are appointments unavailable on the weekends?

A: Appointments on the weekends are NOT NECESSARY. First come, first serve basis will be observed. This is to accommodate more customers during our busy season. If you want to inquire about the wait times you can always call the phone number of the store above.

Q: How long are the fittings?

A: In-store Appointments are set with a 30 minute time limit, there may be some flexibility depending on our volumes but if you want to guarantee additional time we suggest booking two appointments back to back. It is not uncommon for us to have back to back appointments and therefore your punctuality is greatly appreciated! If you're late, it will lead to a shortened appointment time. 

Q: What if I don't need a bra fitting? 

A: The appointment time is for access to fitting room. Our fit specialists are assigned no more than two rooms at a time and will be available to grab other sizes, styles or help you in any way. Even if you are trying on items that do not require a fitters assistance, our rooms may be occupied when you come in which will result in a wait. We are especially busy on weekends so if you see yourself coming in and needing to try things on, book an appointment if you can!

Q: Are masks required in your store?

A: Masks are optional for staff and customers in our stores and fitting rooms. If you prefer your fitter to wear a mask during your visit with us in the fitting room, we are happy to accomodate your request. To make this request, let us know when you check in for your appointment or when you add your name to the walk-in waitlist. We do have plexiglass up at our tills, hand sanitizer available at our entrance and in the fitting rooms. More details about our current response to COVID-19 can be found here

Q: What if I need more time?

A: If there is an opening after your appointment time you are welcome to stay. More often not, we are booked back to back throughout the day so check with your fitter if you can hang out a little longer. If you know when you're booking your appointment that you want more time, you're welcome to book back to back appointments for yourself.