Top 5 Bras for Back to School

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Back to school is an overwhelming, stressful time for both teens and parents. Teens are preparing to brave the halls once again, which means back to school shopping is in full swing. Changing bodies, and self-esteem is being juggled, all while parents are trying not to break the bank. At FYL we understand how quickly bra shopping for your teen can add up, especially with their sizes quickly changing. Our 20 Under 20 program is designed for youth to experience a proper bra fitting in an environment that will make them feel confident and comfortable, while receiving a discount on bras & swim tops to help reduce costs. 

Our 20 Under 20 Blog will give you all the details about this exciting program.

Some might ask, how many bras should my teen have? We are here to answer that question and give you the 411 on every style a teen should have in their bra wardrobe  

  1. Sports bra - Sports bras are a must for any teen in gym class, or one that participates in after school physical activities. A common misconception we hear is that a sports bra is reserved for high impact activity, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Wearing a sports bra when doing ANY physical activity is not only a healthy habit, but also one that prevents wear and strain on your regular bras! Sports bras are crafted specifically for physical activity, and designed with breast health and comfort in mind when exercising!

  2. Everyday bra - An everyday bra can look different for each and every person. Wired, non-wired, colourful, lacey, simple. It's important to follow your heart on what to choose! There's a lot of opinions on what an “everyday bra” should look like. Our job is to make sure you're comfortable, confident, and the bra is fitting perfectly - you get complete control of the rest! An everyday bra is perfect for day to day wear and support. We recommend having a few to rotate through - this will ensure the lifespan of the bra is stretched to its full potential.

  3. Lounge - We have so many cute and comfy lounge bra options for everyone! It's important to have a lounge bra in your wardrobe to let those everyday bras rest on days you're keeping it lowkey. They are perfect when you're needing a little less support, and more just looking for coverage and shape!

  4. Strapless - There’s so many important events to navigate through highschool and beyond! A strapless bra is ALWAYS a great idea to have in your bra roster. All our strapless bras are convertible, so you may add the straps back on as well. Strapless bras are often seen as the enemy, but after getting fitted with us, you will see that there is nothing to fear about them!

  5. Bralette - A bralette is similar to a lounge bra, but slightly more complex. They can be lacy with print or patterns. Bralettes can also come in different silhouettes like haltered or racerback. They make a super adorable addition to outfits, and can come in all sorts of shapes or designs. They are typically more supportive and defining than lounge bras 

Back to school bra shopping doesn't have to be a dreaded task! With help from us, and our 20 Under 20 program,  we can make it a meaningful and special experience for your teen, while you walk out with a good deal! Professional bra fittings and proper fitting bras from a young age can help with everything from confidence to daily comfort. We hope this program gives us the opportunity to educate and help more youth in our stores. 

We can assure that they will walk out of their fitting feeling confident, comfortable, and supported both physically and emotionally.