Do you remember your first bra shopping experience? Was it exciting? Scary? Uncomfortable? Maybe it was everything all at once! At FYL, we understand that bra shopping can be a very vulnerable and sometimes intimidating experience, let alone shopping for your first bra. We are on a mission to change that and want to always make everyone's first experience, and every one after that, an empowering, positive, and comfortable one!

To ensure your teen has just that, we are launching our 20 UNDER 20 program! Until they turn 20 (must be 19 years or younger at the time of redemptions), your preteen or teen receives 20% off all bras and bra-sized swim tops - no catch included!

We pride ourselves in carrying bras that will support anyone in every step of the way during life's stages, regardless of shape or size. Whether they are budding or fully blossomed, we want to make sure they not only experience a proper fitting bra, but most importantly a  proper bra fitting from a young age. This small step will make a big impact in their life from here on forward. We want them to know what a good experience is from the start, and never have to deal with uncomfortable bras and fittings again! We absolutely understand that with puberty comes changes, and with changes comes bodies growing and changing sizes frequently, so we are excited to help you not only give your teen a memorable and positive experience but also help you save money as we know these purchases can add up! 


We know that the outcome of shopping with teens really all depends on what you make of it! Hormones, major milestones, and development both emotionally and physically are a lot for anyone to handle, no matter the age! With that being said, we have created some tips to help you and your teen navigate this new and exciting experience a little better with no appointments necessary!

1. Shop when they are ready to shop! 

The last thing anyone enjoys is being forced to do something they're not ready for or want to do! Forcing your preteen/teen to go bra shopping can ruin the experience for them as a whole, and cause them to develop a sour taste towards bras or fittings in the future. We really want this experience to be an amazing one in order to create a positive outlook toward the bra world from here on out!

2. Be open to having professionals (US!) help

The experience may seem less intimidating if your teen is one-on-one with the fitters, with you supporting them from afar. No worries though, there are seats right outside the fitting rooms because we know that as independent as they are, it's nice knowing you're close by if need be! 

3. Let them choose what they like

Last, but certainly not least, we want to stress the importance of letting them choose what they want! Major, first-time experiences like this can be scary, but it may make them feel more comfortable and understood, knowing they have a say in what they feel good about! Often a wardrobe is an outlet for self-expression - Chances are, if their heart is in what they picked, they will see the value in it, and take care of the bra! Not to mention, set a positive tone around bras and bra fittings, which is our goal here! 

20% Off Bras & Swim Tops Until Age 20

We know that this experience is a special one for both of you, and it is our mission to treat it as such. We want to get your teen into quality bras from the start, as they deserve, but also the entire experience of getting properly fitted. We want to ensure a good first impression for them in the world of bras. We are eager and honored to help your teen find their first fit, forever.  


*20% off discount is valid in-store only on all first and subsequent purchases until the 20 Under 20 participant turns 20 years old (redemptions accepted for 19 years or younger). Discount cannot be combined with any other discount, sale item, or promotion. Valid on full-priced bras and swim tops only. A person using the discount must be present at the time of purchase. A photo ID must be provided and should include a birthdate or a clear indication of age. Forever Yours Lingerie reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time.