NOOD Breast Lift Tape
NOOD Breast Lift Tape
NOOD Breast Lift Tape
NOOD Breast Lift Tape
NOOD Breast Lift Tape

NOOD Breast Lift Tape


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Introducing NOOD Breast Lift Tape, your go to secret weapon for unstoppable fashion choices. Fully customizable to wear any which way you need it. Made from technology invented for athletes but designed for your boobs for a reliable lift, shape, and support that's the first of its kind. NOOD is the only sustainable breast tape available and a fully customizable solution that works for larger breast sizes that is guaranteed to stay on no matter the temperature outside.

  • Extra-wide breast and body tape to provide lift, shape and support wherever you need it
  • 3in design means easier application and 33% more wears than other breast tapes
  • Sweat and water proof
  • Nipple covers are not included, however strongly recommended
  • Acrylic adhesive
  • Hypoallergenic and free from zinc, oxide, and latex
  • Do not use NOOD products if you are sensitive to adhesives, acrylics, elastane, or similar products such as band-aids (plasters)
  • If you are prone to heat rashes or skin getting hot and red, please be extra careful and do a test run of only 1-2 hours
  • Made in Korea
  • Made from sustainable hemp fabric that can accommodate breasts of all sizes
  • This is a FINAL SALE

  • 1 roll is 3in x 16.4ft, which is approximately 5-8 bandeau wears
  • Don't over stretch or strain the tape, as this can cause a tension injury
  • Never try to remove the tape with dry skin or water. As the tapes are waterproof, they MUST be removed with oil or medical grade tape remover (baby oil and coconut oil work well).
  • Please find more information on NOOD Safety Guidelines here

  • This is a FINAL SALE.
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