BrassyBra Breast Lift Kit
BrassyBra Breast Lift Kit
BrassyBra Breast Lift Kit
BrassyBra Breast Lift Kit

BrassyBra Breast Lift Kit


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Brassybra® is a Norwegian designed breast-tape or boob tape(if you like) that lifts, shapes and supports your breasts while being invisible. Brassybra® Second Skin Technology mimics your skin by breathing and stretching with your skin, it's also very comfortable to wear.

Tutorial Video Here on how to apply BrassyBra.

Styling Video for different necklines Here

Have more questions about BrassyBra? Check out the FAQ's.


  • BrassyBra Breast Lift Kit - disposable adhesive breast tape
  • Includes 3 pairs of BrassyBras, 3 pairs of nipple covers and a cute exclusive box
  • Trimable to make it work with your outfit
  • Allergy friendly and Latex-free, breathable material that is 97% cotton
  • Medical grade adhesive - Stands up to sweat and water - Safe and secure through dancing and swimming
  • Easily removed with baby oil, coconut oil
  • Nearly invisible under clothing - Second Skin Technology by BrassyBra

If you have known Diabetes, tape allergies or very sensitive skin, we don't recommend using Brassybra.

  • Cup sizing is approximate - If you are between sizes, select a larger size and trim it down as needed
  • Trim your BrassyBra with scissors to make it work with your outfit
  • Brassy Bra Hacks Here!?
  • For Removal: use vegetable oil, coconut oil or baby oil by applying it to the bra and carefully removing it from the skin. Also taking a hot shower and using vegetable oil/baby oil is an option. Do not pull Brassybra off like a band aid, it’s important to be patient and take your time, otherwise you may cause skin irritation.
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