model zips up the front closure of the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra, photo features visual of adjustable straps and the back of the bra with crossed adjustable straps.

The secret is out - We are thrilled to announce that we are the first lingerie store to carry SHEFIT sports bras in Canada!

You may know the viral SHEFIT sports bra for taking the social media world by storm. Our fitters have worked closely with the brand to learn all about the Ultimate sports bra and learn how to correctly fit you.

At Forever Yours Lingerie, we understand the significance of wearing a properly fitting sports bra for all physical activities. Breast health comes first, and we want to help you prioritize that in your everyday life.

Breasts consist of soft tissue, exercising without a properly fitting sports bra can cause tears within the breast tissue. Wearing a proper fitting sports bra will prevent this, as well as premature damage/aging. Not to mention how uncomfortable it can be to feel unsupported during a workout.

The beauty of the SHEFIT Ultimate sports bra is all in the adjustability. The process is simple - Zip, Cinch, Lift.

  1. Clasp the hook and eyes and zip the front zipper. Don't forget to cover the hardware as this will prevent chafing!

  2. Tighten the back strap - The band provides 80% of the bra's support, so it should fit snugly.

  3. Lastly, lift the Velcro straps and secure them in place. These 3 patented steps allow for maximum support from the bra.
shefit ultimate sports bra features: high quality velcro adjustable straps and band, two way stretch fabric, protected zipper and wire free support.

Our fitters are here to help you set your preferred adjustments during your fitting, so there's no stress before heading to your workout. The benefit of this style is you can set it and forget it! Think of our fitters as your personal therapist for the hour. Like any FYL bra fitting, we will listen to what you are looking for, and ask all the important questions. When you leave with your SHEFIT bra, it will be professionally adjusted to your needs and you'll know everything you need to know about future adjustments you might want to make. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, confident, and supported by your new sports bra!

The SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra is available in an inclusive size range of XS - 6Luxe (6X). We understand that adjusting the SHEFIT may look intimidating. The SHEFIT bra allows for complete flexibility with what YOU want in a sports bra. Whether you want more coverage, less coverage, high impact, or low - our team is here to assist you and all your sports bra needs!