Top 5 Bra Myths Busted

We’re separating the truth from these myths to help you make the best bra buying decisions.
Myth #1: Bra Straps Are Where Majority Of Your Support Comes From
Heck no. It's actually your bra band that offers you around 80% of your bras support. To experience the best and most comfortable bra fit, make sure you correctly size both the band and cups. Even though the band offers such support, it should fit snugly without feeling too tight. Visit our Bra School for a more elaborate break down of the perfect fit. 
Myth #2: Your Bra Size Stays Constant
This is the biggest myth we hear! Our bodies constantly fluctuate. We gain weight, lose weight, have babies, and age, that is all apart of our bodies journey. Changes in our life can affect a woman’s breast shape and size over the years. Every time you go up or down ten pounds, your bra size may change! This is what our expert fitters are here for, we can help!
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Myth #3: Underwires = Uncomfortable
When fitted correctly, underwire bras are actually very comfortable and offer the best shape and support. If you’re wearing the wrong cup size, you may find the underwire digging into your breasts or poking under your arm and causing discomfort! With a proper bra fitting, you’ll quickly discover just how dreamy underwire bra styles can be.
Myth #4: Push-Up Bras Are The Only Way To Get Your Breasts Looking Perky
Many believe only a push up bra can provide the lift and cleavage they desire, but let us bust this myth. You can absolutely give your boobs a boost without turning to a padded push up. The right fitting bra with seams and structure can offer you a free boob lift by supporting your chest properly! 
Myth #5: Your Bra Size Is The Same Across Each Brand
Bra brands hold themselves to a variety of fit expectations, so you may need a different bra size depending which brands you like. Each brand has their own size chart on top of traditional regional sizing (visit our blog on U.S. vs U.K. Sizing)! Sometimes, you can even be a different size in the same bra if it's a darker colour. Darker bras have a tendency to fit snugger (this has to do with the amount of dye in the fabric).
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