Why a Good Bra is an Investment

#1: Quality and Comfort
Luxury fabrics have always been more expensive, but like many things, fabric costs continue to skyrocket over the past few years. Many brands we carry put extra care and investment into finding fabrics that provide both support and softness. Lower priced lingerie often looks okay, but the fabrics can be scratchy and irritating. Buying cheaper lingerie means that you often miss out on new developments that will improve fit or feel in a serious way.   
#2: Support
Having a properly fitting bra improves your posture and makes you less likely to develop spinal problems or back pain. This is especially true for fuller or larger busted women that might require some extra support. If your bra is poorly designed or the wrong size, it could do more harm than good for your back and chest. Did you know that around 80% of your support comes from the band alone?? This is why a proper fitting is SO important: click here to book a vitural fitting!

#3 Confidence
Many women will agree that putting on a high-quality, matching lingerie set can be the ultimate confidence-booster. A good lingerie set  will create feminine curves, support your boobies, fit comfortable and make you feel unstoppable.  Even though your bra is normally under your clothes, there can be a very visible difference through your clothing when you wear a good-quality bra versus a poor-quality or improper fitting one. Wearing substantial pieces under your clothes makes the whole outfit more flattering on you as often a high quality bra will create forward projection. 

#4 Self Care
Look good, feel good, you’re worth it! We encourage all our customers to invest in themselves. You should be your number one priority! The last thing on your mind should be an irritating bra, investing in a properly fitting bra allows you to focus on things that make you happy rather than constantly adjusting your fit!
#5 Ethical Practices 
The fashion industry as a whole isn’t well known for being kind to  workers. Many pieces are still manufactured in dangerous, unethical and uncomfortable work environments. Buying quality goods that are built to last improves the garment industry as a whole, but also generally means that your money will go towards workers who receive better pay and treatment. Fast fashion is a thing of the past. 


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