Let’s Talk Booby Tape!

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So today a coworker and I decided to test out the new BoobyTape we recently got in store, and let me tell you, I am SHOOK. As an H cup, I have always avoided buying any clothing that is backless, strapless, plunging or daring in pretty much anyway. Strapless bras always bugged me after a few hours, and going braless has just never been an option… until now.

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I have been wearing a backless bandeau-style application of the BoobyTape for about three hours now. As I write this blog, I can honestly say I feel more comfortable than seems logical. I keep waiting to get itchy, or irritated, or just plain sore. If you’re a person with larger breasts, you know the feeling, that ache in your shoulders and back you get from just existing braless, with all that weight hanging on your chest. Good times. Well I’m here to tell you that the BoobyTape is a damn game-changer. I feel supported. I feel lifted. I don’t feel like my breasts are going to burst free at any moment and start partying it up fiesta style. I feel AWESOME.

booby tape, boob tape, breast tape, strapless, backless dress, fashion solutions, big boob fashion fixes, fashion fixes, wedding, grad

My Coworker wearing a plunging style of the BoobyTape. Now as with anything in life, BoobyTape is probably not going to work for everybody. I feel like the fuller your breasts are the better luck you’re going to have. But to give it the best possible chance of working for you, I figured I should write out some tips and tricks I’ve learned from my trial and error testing of the BoobyTape today! Some things to keep in mind when applying:

  • Start from the bottom up, especially when doing a bandeau style. Initially I went straight across the nipple, and it made the silhouette really lumpy and awkward looking
  • Pre-cut the pieces before you start applying. Cutting tape while your boobs are precariously resting on one small piece of adhesive is a recipe for disaster
  • While cutting pieces of the tape, use a smaller length than you think you might need. I was LAUGHING at BoobyTape’s claim of 5-15 uses in one roll, but once I started applying it I realized I had cut pieces way too long and wound up wasting a bunch. That’s what I get for being shady before actually trying the product… my bad guys
  • The tape sticks to skin excellently, but not so great to itself. If you mess up on your skin, you can peel it back gently and re-stick it, but that will not work if you've stuck it to another piece of tape, which finally brings me to
  • This stuff is definitely easier to put on if you have a friend helping. The tape likes fold into itself and get stuck (think saran-wrap) so when you're trying to tape it to the back or sides it becomes rather tricky without a spotter, or someone to make sure it’s going on nice and smooth.


And that's it! Now let’s move on to taking this sucker off... I have heard the best methods of removing the BoobyTape are in the shower using conditioner to gently remove the adhesive, or to use baby oil, or coconut oil, and saturate the tape edges until it starts to slide off. Guess what I didn’t do? Yeah, yours truly passed out on the couch for an accidental three hour nap (proof the product is comfortable I guess) and then chose the lazy route and ripped the tape off like a band-aid. Probably not my brightest idea. It wasn’t extremely painful per say, but it certainly wasn’t comfortable. And it left pretty intense marks from the adhesive. Considering I wear an H cup, wore the product for over 8 hours AND slept like a log in it, I’m not mad about the marks. I think only literal magic would keep your skin mark free after all that, and unfortunately, I didn’t get my letter from Hogwarts at eleven so there’s no magic wand in your girls life. I’d cry about it, but I just discovered BoobyTape, so there will be no tears today! What do you think? Have you tried the BoobyTape before? Are you definitely going to now? Sound off in the comments below to let us know your experiences with this game-changing invention!