Ewa Michalak Bras - Explained!


Ewa Michalak is a bra-maker from Poland with an obsessed and dedicated following. She offers the one of the most comprehensive size ranges of all the bras Forever Yours Lingerie offers. If you have a unique bra size, chances are you'll find it in an Ewa Michalak bra. Getting to know their styles can be tricky. Let's take an in-depth look into the SM, BM, S, PL, SMN, SF frames that she offers and the breast types they work for.

Ewa Michalak uses letters to describe the different styles (or frames) of her bras. We hope you find this Ewa Michalak style guide helpful!


Ewa Michalak Bra Styles

Ewa Michalak Sensuelle Bra - S Style

S -  a lightly padded balconette bra with removable push up pads. This style is seamed in 3 parts, gathering the bust to the center and creating a rounded shape. S bras work best for average to large cup sizes. The removable padding is ideal if you have breast asymmetry

Ewa Michalak Zefirek SF Style Bra

SF - SF stands for "semi soft". If you dislike padded bras but you would still like the effect they give, consider a SF style. Based off the S frame, the bottom of the cups is made of a thinner material than the S above and the tops are made of double-layered elastic tulle which adjust to the shape of your breasts. The bra is designed for women who prefer full coverage. Ideal for many breast types, but will work particularily well with soft and less firm breasts.

Ewa Michalak Strappy Tulle SM Style Bra

SM -  SM is an unpadded balconette bra. This is the unpadded version of the S style above. SM bras can be sheer or made of a firm lace. Offering medium coverage, it's ideal for lower necklines. SM bras are ideal for a moderately firm breast tissue due to the cups being make from a more structured lace. 

Ewa Michalak For You SMN Style

SMN - A sheer, unpadded bra that features decorative lace or strappy embellishments. The fabric is delicate, yet doesn't compromise in structure and strength. SMN bras give a rounded, statement-making shape.

Ewa Michalak Gold Dot PL Style Bra

PL - a PL bra is a padded, plunge bra. Offering a low neckline, it also comes with removable push up padding. Ideal for a moderately firm and full breast tissue due to the low center gore. PL bras are not ideal for a soft, mature breast tissue as the breast tissue may spill into the center, which can create a visible line or bubble under clothing.

Ewa Michalak Bibi BM Style Bra

BM - BM bras are our most popular frame by Ewa Michalak. BM bras are unpadded and offer full coverage. These are known for their narrow wires which gather your breasts to the centre and produce incredible lift. Works well for a majority of breast types and sizes, but most ideal for full figures and full busts (small bands, large cups).

Ewa Michalak Magnolia Nursing Bra

Nursing - We carry the Magnolia Nursing Bra by Ewa Michalak. She's based off of the S style. Complete with clips and easy drop-down cups for nursing. 


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Some things to keep in mind - Ewa Michalak bras typically fit snug. Each bra has detailed fit tips on each page. Typically we recommend choosing a size larger than you normally wear. For example, if you are usually a 32G, try a 34G in Ewa Michalak. Read fit tips on each bra page for more specific size details.

Ewa Michalak is sold in UK sizes. The band size is sometimes listed using a European scale (centimeters). Find the appropriate conversions below: 

 EU (CM) UK (IN)
65 30
70 32
75 34
80 36
85 38
90 40
95 42
100 44
105 46