Are You Wearing The Wrong Bra Size?

A common misconception about bras is that they're meant to be super uncomfortable. Straps slipping off your shoulders, bands that ride up, underwires that hurt - the list goes on and on (visit our bra school for a break down on fit problems) ! Almost all of the bra fit problems and discomfort that you experience with your bras is most likely caused by improper size and fit.

Many of us are used to shopping department stores and lingerie chain stores but  typically these large retailers don’t carry extended bra sizes. Allowing many women to wear improper fits and wanting to rip their bras off as soon as possible. 

Thats where speciality stores like us come in for the rescue! We like to compare our bra specialists to doctors in that they are not looking at your curves, your lumps or your bumps or anything like that. They are looking specifically at your breast shape and your breast density. They know what brands, fabrics and shapes are going to work for you. 

Our aim has always been to inclusively offer great fitting lingerie to as wide of a range of people as possible. As we have found when people realize that options are available that truly fit and look good on them, their opinions about lingerie and undergarments change. This is why it has always been our mission to help find the right fit!

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