Bra Care 101 - How to care for your bras
Take care of it, and it will support you. Your bras have a BIG job to do and need proper care to be able to support you all day long.
Good bras are an INVESTMENT, so it's very important to treat them the best way you can. 

Forever New, Soak and Eucalan Fine Fabric Washes

What Do I Use to Wash My Bras?

As with anything, your bra will last the longest when it has been cared for properly. When a customer tells us they put their bras in the washing machine, we feel the sting. Think about it - a bra is a delicate & intricate piece of clothing as is - put it in the washing machine and you're tumbling, bending and agitating it resulting in bent wires, snagged lace and stretched out bands. Wash them well and wash them often!

Our two golden rules: HAND WASH & HANG TO DRY.

We carry three different fabric washes to wash your bras and lingerie in. Soak, Forever New and Eucalan. Why use these instead of regular laundry detergent? Regular detergent can be chemical based and might break down the fibers in your bras faster.

Soak is an eco-friendly no-rinse liquid formula with six unique scent options including fig, yuzu and even pineapple. Formulated with plant derived ingredients, it is biodegradable, free of sulphates, phosphates, SLE's and dyes and safe to go down the drain.

Forever New is an all natural, citrus based fine fabric wash. It is free of SLE's, parabens, phosphates and dyes. Forever New is formulated is plant-based, biodegradable ingredients and is never tested on animals. Available in a fresh scent or non-scented and a liquid or powder formula.

Eucalan is a natural lanolin enriched liquid formula that conditions fabric and also keeps static away. Eucalan is also a no-rinse formula that is non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free. 

Believe it or not, SWIMWEAR deserves the same amount of love and attention. Elastane fibres can easily break down and colours will fade if you don't remove the chlorine and salt from your swimsuit promptly. Forever New Splash Swim Wash, Eucalan and Soak are all fantastic options to keep your swimwear looking fresh..


Soak brand wash and bra in bowl in Soak water

How Do I Wash My Bras?

As we said before... hand wash your bras and and hang them to dry. If we don't hand wash our delicate bras, we're risking that they get bent, snagged or even ripped in the washing machine. Same goes for your swimwear!

Follow this simple steps and your bras will last you a long time:

  1. Separate your bras into lights and darks - same rules apply here
  2. Fill your sink with cool or luke warm water. Fun fact - heat from hot water makes metal expand and can make your wires bend and/or pop through your fabric. Heat also degrades Lycra faster.
  3. As your fill your sink, add in your Soak, Forever New or Eucalan and swish it around to dilute.
  4. Put your bras in the water and make sure they are submerged.
  5. Let your bras soak for 10-15 minutes.
  6. If you have a stain, you can gently scrub that area, but if you are washing on a regular basis (every 2-3 wears), soaking is enough to remove your body oils, perspiration, deodorant etc.
  7. If you are using Forever New, rinse your bras under fresh water until the water runs clear.
  8. If you are using Soak or Eucalan, no rinsing is necessary!
  9. Squeeze out and excess water. If your bra is a molded or padded style, pat them with a towel.
  10. Lay your bras flat to dry or hang them by the gore (the space between the cups). Try to keep them out of the sun if drying outside.
  11. DO NOT hang wet bras by the straps. The extra weight of the water in the bra may stretch out your straps.
  12. You're done!

Bra partially in round wash bag

Bra Washing FAQ

Q - Can I use a wash bag in the washing machine?

A - Our initial answer to this question is usually, NO. But if it's between the regular washing machine or not washing at all then it's better than nothing. Ensure you still run it through on a cold, delicate cycle. Do the hooks up in the back to avoid them hooking and pulling on any parts of the bra itself. Still, hang your bra to dry.

Q - How often should I wash my bras?

A - You should wash your bras every 2 -3 wears. Wash your sports bra after every wear.

Q - Why does my molded padded bra have a "wave texture" on the cups?

A - That is caused by the agitation and spinning in the washing machine. Another reason to hand wash your bras.

Q - I have a spot that I can't get out. What can I do?

A - You can make a paste with Forever New and water (like toothpaste), and apply it with a soft toothbrush and gently scrub. Let it sit for an additional 10 minutes, then rinse.

Bra fit on person, holding the underwire

What should my new bra feel like?

Every structured garment has some form of "break in" period. Shoes are most known for this - you wear a new pair of leather shoes around the house for a few hours a day to break them in. Same thing goes for some of your bras. Some things feel great from day one, some will need a bit more time.

Don't automatically assume that your new bra doesn't fit simply because you can't wear it for 14 hours on the first day. Oftentimes, if it's your first time with a bra from us, you're also in a snugger band size. There's lots of factors at play and all that we ask is that you give your new bras a grace period. Wear them for a few hours a day and build up from there. The fabric will relax and your body will eventually become accustomed to the new bra.

A few more tips to help the with the break-in. First, make sure your bra is on the loosest or last set of hooks. Your bra will always stretch, never shrink. Do the scoop and swoop for each side and collect all of your breast tissue into the cups (see next point). Ensure that there is no breast tissue underneath the wires. Lastly, adjust the bra's shoulder straps. They should be tight enough so they're not moving down your shoulders but still comfortable. You should be able to get a couple of fingers under the strap. The majority of your support is coming from your bra band, NOT the straps.

If you've followed these steps and things are still not feeling great, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Three images of putting on a bra and adjusting to fill cups

How do I put my bra on?

There really is a "right" and "wrong" way to put your bra on!

If you are able, put your bra on by placing your arms through the straps, lean forward and let your breasts fall into the cups and then stand up and secure the hooks by reaching in the back (it's an art!). Then, do the "scoop & swoop". Scoop all of your breast tissue into the cups (leave no tissue behind the underwire), and swoop the top of your cups over the tops of your breasts using your fingers so you don't have any "bubbling" out of the tops. Your breasts should be totally encompassed in the cup with no tissue escaping our the bottom, sides or top.

If you "hook and spin" your bra, there is a chance of bending the wires out of shape. If you must because of mobility limitations, please be gentle. Never pull your bra on or step into it already hooked. That will stretch and damage it.

Person being bra fitted by a bra fitter specialist

How do I know if my bra fits?

"Cups in the front, loops in the back". Frank Costanza put it simply on Seinfeld, but as in life there is a bit more to it. Each day when you put on your bra, it's important to reassess that the bra is fitting and sitting correctly. Here's a few key points to look at:

1 - Make sure ALL of your breast tissue is inside the cups and not under the wires. Scoop all of your breast tissue in and up into the cups. You want your wires sitting close to your body and behind your breast tissue on the sides.

2 - Your bra band should be snug and sitting low and parallel to the floor.

3 - Check the straps, they should be tight enough that they're not slipping down your shoulders and should comfortably fit two stacked fingers under them.

Bra marks on back of person

I have marks on my skin, is this normal?

No, you haven't been attacked by your bra... this is COMPLETELY NORMAL. We always tell our customers that red marks and indentations are normal but pain and discomfort aren't. A bra is a snug fitting garment and it's going to leave a mark if fitted correctly. The jeans and socks that we wear do this to us as well, it's really no different! As long are the marks aren't hurting or irritating your skin, they're NORMAL.

A quick test to tell if your bra is too tight is whether or not you can comfortably slide two fingers under your bra band with a little give. 

Multiple bras hanging on a tree by the straps

How do I know when to replace my bras?

Contrary to our name, nothing lasts forever. Often customers expect their bras to last for years... but reality is that bras have a BIG job. Think about it, they support you for 10 - 12 hours a day! In general, bras should last anywhere from six months to a year - despite how much you paid for them. The more you wear them, the shorter life they will have. We recommend having 4 - 6 bras in your collection that you can rotate through to allow them to have the longest life possible. When you start to notice the band rising up or the cups being stretched out and roomy, that is a clear sign that the elasticity has worn out and your bras need to be replaced.

Looking for more tips of have questions about your bras?
Check out our Bra School, Email our Web Team or call us at 604-532-1933 (Langley) or 604-239-2590 (Burnaby).