Before and Afters

42DDD - 36JJ

This before and after is for the books! Do your girls a favor and come in for a bra fitting; you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner! This client went from a 42DDD(US) to a 36JJ(UK) in this best seller, Elomi Kim, also available in beige.

- 38GG

Just, wow. We didn't catch the before size but the breasts in the before photo on the left is sitting low, east and west. This is often a result of stretched foam cups and a band that is too loose. Once we got her into the right size, her breasts were held, secure and close to her center. After bra is the Ewa Michalak Yennifer.

34DD - 32JJ

The lift that this client is getting from this after bra is out of this world! The wire on her everyday bra snapped so she came in for a visit. She went from a low sitting bubbly bust in the before photo to a lifted and smooth after! No breasts escaping here!

38C - 34G

This client's 38C bra had seen better days. The wire on the before bra is sitting on top of the breast tissue (rather than behind it) which causes discomfort and aching throughout the day. The stretched out band and straps were replaced with those of the Panache Andorra in a 34G, providing support from underneath the bust. This before bra went straight to the bin!

36C - 32G

Breast asymmetry is a lot more common that most people think! This client was still breast feeding on one side which resulted in a difference in size between sides. With a soft and stretchy cut and sewn bra, the asymmetry was minimized and we found something that fit both sides. The Chantelle Norah Bra provided an exceptional and supportive fit without compromising on comfort.

40DD - 40HH

The lift on this bra is out of this WORLD. This is a great example of a band size stays the same, but the difference is in the cup! Through wash and wear, bras naturally stretch out from body heat, sweat and the chemicals naturally occurring on our skin. Even though the band stayed the same size, the new bra provided more structure and support. The after bra is a client favourite - Ewa Michalak Bibi (BM style)