5 Ways to Celebrate Self-Love and Self-Care

You are worthy of taking care of yourself now.

We're so passionate about it, we made it into a neon sign and posted it high in our Burnaby, BC store. We, at FYL, are huge advocates of self-love as it works hand and hand with self-care. When you start to take care of yourself, you are likely to notice yourself feeling better! By building a strong foundation you are setting yourself up to thrive and grow.
This goes for both your life, as well as your lingerie game. We often see people who have constantly put themselves after others. Don't forget about your basic needs and the invisible consequences we're feeling as a result. Have your bras and panties seen better days? Do they no longer serve their purpose  - we're looking at you moms who are still wearing the same nursing bra even through you're not nursing anymore! Do your bras no longer fit the way they should? Too tight? Too loose? If you fall into these categories, you're likely to be focused on the lack of comfort and thinking it's your bodies fault. It's OKAY to buy a new bra because your body has changed. It's NORMAL. A bra that fits and is comfortable can do miraculous things for your mental health and how you see and carry yourself. See, "self-care" = "self-love".

Here are our top 5 recommendations to start celebrating self-care and as a result, self-love:

1. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or your favourite tea in a quiet room. Take time to journal, draw, or simply sit with your thoughts preparing you to tackle any obstacle ahead and reminiscing on all the joy you are.

2. Go for a walk taking deep and intentional breaths. It's crazy how simply being breathing in fresh air can change your mindset and by taking these deep breaths you can focus on being present in the moment.

3. Eat the damn cake. Go find your favourite treat and savour every bite! Sometimes you simply need to treat yourself. 

4. Make a list of all you're grateful for about yourself. You can make this in the list form or if you feel creative, write this to yourself as a letter to read back on in the future.

5. Go shopping for something that you've neglected for a while. Whether that's coming into our store for your perfect bra fit or visiting your local spa for a facial or mani-pedi.

All in all we want to encourage you to take the time to turn inwards - remind yourself that you're so damn incredible and that your uniqueness is something that needs to be celebrated!


Make yourself a priority, babe!