Travel Essentials - Let Us Help You Pack!

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Planning a holiday with the kids this Spring Break? Maybe you're lucky enough to be jetting off with your significant other or on a spontaneous trip on your own. Whatever you get up to, we want to help make your escape as fashionable and comfortable as possible. Many travel essentials are waiting for you in our store. Read on to discover some travel tips and tricks we bet you didn't know when it comes to bras, panties, swimwear and lingerie!

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Spacer bras are smooth, seamless and virtually invisible underneath your clothing. These bras have cups that are made of a special foam that allow air to pass through and won't make you hot and sweaty when the mercury soars. What's the secret? Spacer bras are made of a dual layer of thin foam fabric rather than the denser foam versions that t-shirt bras usually have. Better yet, they don't compromise on support or shaping. You'll get the same smooth rounded look your favorite t-shirt bra produces. Deemed the 'uncrushable' bra, we recommend these bras to all of our clients that love jet setting. Suitcases aren't the most forgiving and have been known for bending bra cups out of shape. Just make sure the wires are lying flat and you're good to pack them as you wish. Some of our favorites include the Panache Cari and the Empreinte Verity Spacer Bra.

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With heat comes sweat. It's inevitable! Investing in some panties that are moisture wicking will not only keep you cool and comfortable, some styles can also reduce irritating chafing that can make any holiday a nuisance. Be prepared to take on that four hour walking tour of the city, that hike to a famous view point or whatever your plans are. The Thigh Society microfibre shorts are every girls best friend. Thigh chafing ceases to exist in these longer legged briefs that offer a light, breathable fit. No holiday is complete without some much needed relaxing by the pool or beach, right? Did you know that we carry bikini tops sized by your bra size? Up to a HH in fact because we know that one size definitely does not fit all. We also have one-piece swimsuits and dresses that are sized up to a size 24. No more excuses - we want you to love yourself in a swimsuit and have plenty of styles to make that happen.  

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Barely there or sweet and feminine, while you're on your holiday we think you should always have a little something packed for a special night. Pack a light and flowy babydoll for those warm nights in. We offer a range of sizes from a small to a 6x. If you find that you can never find lingerie that fits your cup size, we've got that covered too. We have some lingerie items that are sized by your bra size. Our best selling styles include the Mod Serene Babydoll. They're perfect for women who just can't win with a general sized item. These let you enjoy the custom fitting feel you deserve. 

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Just like at home, you'll want to wash your favorite lingerie and swimwear items when travelling. Chlorine, salt water and the sun are all damaging to swimwear. In order to keep your swimsuit's colours vibrant and fabric at it's strongest, pour a bath of tepid water at the end of the day and let your suit soak in Forever New's Swimwear Wash. Sweat and body oils can also do a number on your favorite bra and panty set, keep the dirt away and pack our travel friendly Eucalan Getaway Pack. The best part about Eucalan - you just soak and dry - no rinsing needed. It's the easiest option when you're on the go.