Through Their Eyes...

"I hate my thighs, I hate my tummy, I hate my butt, I hate my...." For so many of us the list can go on and on and on.

We so often spend so much time thinking, stressing and obsessing about what we don't like about ourselves that we sometimes have a hard time seeing through that and recognizing what we actually like about ourselves or how others see us.

This Valentine's day, the supposed day of all things love and lust, if new sexy lingerie is in your plans, you might want to think about how your partner sees you. Often the things that you don't like about yourself, are the very thing that your partner finds so delightful!

When you are looking to buy lingerie, think about (or better yet, talk to them about it!) what your partner loves about your body and look for something that accentuates those things!

Do they love your butt? Go for some lacy bootie shorts that shows it off! Are your full breasts a thing of beauty in their eyes, try a low cut or open cup style that puts them in the spotlight! Do your thighs drive 'em wild? Try a short babydoll or teddy that gives them a full view of those beloved thighs! Do they love your round, full belly? Try a flyaway style that shows it off in it's soft wonderful glory!

Try to start seeing yourself through your lovers eyes. They are the one who continually chooses to get naked with you, so they obviously love what they see! Once you realize that some of the things that you don't love so much, are the very things they lust after, you might just start seeing yourself in a different light! Happy Valentine's Day!

Sonya signature, forever yours lingerie