Three Reasons To Invest In A Good Bra

We get it, there are SO many options out there for fast fashion and cheap lingerie. Many main stream brands are advertising with completely incorrect and damaging fits so it can get confusing on why to invest in a proper fitting bra. 

There are three key reasons why we believe in investing in a good bra:

1. Quality isn't cheap. You may have to pay more at the till for a good bra but it's better to buy one bra that is going to last you longer (with proper care) than buying multiple that are going to fall apart or have the underwire stab you very quickly. 

Along with quality, comes comfort. We often hear that women want to rip their bra off at the end of the day and never put it back on. If you're wearing a proper fit and you've already gone through the break in period, this should not be the case. We like to say if that is how you're feeling, then we didn't fit you!


2. A good bra is the cheapest boob job you can get. We have witnessed a proper fit can help even the droopiest of boobs become perky again. As everyone has different breast shapes, our fit specialists are there to help find the best fit for your breast type and leave you feeling more confident.

On average 8 out 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size and this is increasing as more and more options are out there without the proper education. Most commonly, women are looking for comfort and stay away from underwires and snug bands. Although, 80% of your support should be coming from your band so if a fitter suggests increasing your band size so it's no longer snug- RUN. You want you band to be a snug hug (check out our bra school for more information)  and to be parallel to the ground.


3. A good bra can improve your posture dramatically. If you're someone with a larger bust, you may notice, neck or back pain. This is a common complaint of those in a wrong fit. Did you know that on average each breast weighs about 4 pounds? That means if you're wearing a improper fit, you have around 8 pounds being supported by the straps on your shoulders all day - OUCH! Let's get you into a proper fit and take that tension off of you so you can stand tall and strong! 

Ultimately, a proper fit is going to have you feeling confident and focusing on the important things in life rather than constantly adjusting to be comfortable. We understand investing in a good bra may be hard to do if you haven't before but we are always here to hold your hand and bring you over to the happy side.