Parent Hack: 4 Quick Tips To Encourage Your Teen To Go Bra Shopping

Hormones, big feelings, and developing bodies…Puberty can be a minefield for you and your teen in so many different ways! Make sure that you make at least one thing as easy as possible for you & your pre-teen/teen.

Shopping with young & developing teens can be fun & exciting or uncomfortable & embarrassing depending on how it's done.

I'm sure you can remember your first bra-buying experience... Was it exciting, scary, embarrassing, or a combo of everything? With help from knowledgeable, caring, and understanding professionals, we can help you make it a positive experience & memory for you both!

Over many years of dealing with first-time bra wearers and with my own recent experience with my teen, we’ve put together a few great tips that can help make your teen bra shopping experience as easy & painless as possible.

#1 Shop when THEY are in the mood to shop!

 Don't force your teen to do it on your schedule. They will push harder against it and often make the whole experience stressful, uncomfortable & downright miserable for everyone involved because they are not ready or in the mood to do it. Let THEM dictate if and when they are ready for a bra.

#2 Be open to having a professional (us;) help

Teens are often exploring their independence and we find a lot of times that teens don't want their moms in the fitting room with them. Sometimes it's easier & more comfortable for them to be one-on-one with a fitter. If they don't want mom in the room, we have seating right outside the fitting rooms, because we understand that as independent as they are, they still want to know that you're close by!

#3 Let them choose what they like

Just like clothing, we may not always like what they choose, but teens express themselves through fashion and styling, so allowing them to have a say in the choices will go a long way! It may not be what you'd choose, but if they are comfortable and happy with their choices, they are much more likely to wear and care for their new bras properly.

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