Organic Cotton Panties

Why should you buy underwear made of organic cotton? Shoppers are making more informed decisions about their purchases these days, yet correct information around intimate apparel, fit and health is still something that isn't common knowledge. Here at Forever Yours Lingerie we are always yelling from the rooftops about how important a properly fitting bra is for a bajillion (that's totally a word, right?) reasons.

Often, we all overlook the connection between how investing in the right intimates can improve our overall health. Today we aren't chatting about bras, but rather we want to give you the 411 about what to look for when shopping for your undies. Let us help you level up your panty game and bring your health from down under to it's peak!

Reality of Underwear Shopping

From period panties to colourful lacy thongs, the options when underwear shopping are plentiful. Although, as you shop for your everyday panties you want to prioritize your comfort first but also your vaginal health by looking for breathable options. Why? Well, non-breathable synthetic fabrics found in many underwear options can lead to an environment that doesn’t allow for breathability.

As I'm sure you learned way back in health class, if your vagina can't breathe, yeast and bacteria are likely to thrive creating odor and urinary tract infections (UTIs). 


Yes, you read that right, there is more to think about when shopping for your underwear than just the best deal, cute colours and/or lace detailing. As millions each year suffer from UTI's, vaginal infections including yeast and bacterial vaginosis, vulvitis, itching, irritation and general misery of their lower parts. With one of the common causes of these pesky issues being synthetic fabrics found in panties! That's not to say that you're guaranteed to have these problems if you wear other panties, it's just that organic cotton is more breathable and it will make your vagina much, much happier and cut down on your risk!

Now with all this in mind, let's introduce Panty Promise. Created with the expertise of a gynecologist, their 100% organic cotton gusset is the best choice as it is both breathable and chemical free. Organic cotton for everyday wear helps to optimize your feminine health and hygiene. It’s completely normal and natural to have a vaginal discharge throughout the day, and cotton lined panties will absorb any excess moisture defeating the dark and moist environment for bacteria to grow. The best part about Panty Promise that they are available in XS - 4X, offer 5 different cuts and six different neutral tones. There's a panty style for everyone!

Panty Promise is a brand that prides itself on ethical manufacturing and processes, accumulating many certifications including being GOTS compliant (Global Organic Textile Standard) and the Oeko-tex Standard. These panties are made in Sri Lanka by a factory that employs over 250 women and pays fair living wages. 
So what have you learned? Save your shapewear, satins, lace and synthetics for special occasions and limited use, and allow your vagina to feel the Panty Promise Organic Cotton difference.