Ovarian Cancer & FYL

Did you know that a pap-test doesn't screen for Ovarian Cancer?

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and as such, for the whole month of September, Forever Yours Lingerie will be donating 2% of total sales to Ovarian Cancer Canada. 

Ovarian Cancer is a topic close to our hearts at Forever Yours Lingerie. Beginning back in 2013 when local model, Elly Mayday, came into the  FYL Langley location for a Valentines day themed photoshoot. Shortly after, Elly had learned that she had developed ovarian cancer at the young age of 25. Elly, being the light that she was, connected with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to help raise awareness. She wanted people to be aware of the often misdiagnosed signs and symptoms such as tiredness/low energy, sudden/unexpected weight loss, and discomfort in your pelvis or abdominal area. 

Throughout Elly's treatments, she continued to model for FYL and high-profile companies around the world (Addition Elle, Panache Lingerie) while sharing her story via social media to inspire so many. Sadly, after five years, Elly passed away in March of 2019 from this disease she fought so valiantly for. The team at Forever Yours Lingerie have been incredibly touched by Elly's life, legacy and authentic connection, and continue to keep her dream of spreading education on this topic alive. 

(Elly's real name is Ashley) 

In September of 2019, we at FYL held a successful high-tea memorial event (a long time wish of Elly's) in Fort Langley that was attended by hundreds of Elly's fans, friends and family. This event allowed us to donate $21,850.36 in proceeds to Ovarian Cancer Canada (an organization close to Elly in helping spread awareness). 

Our goal for 2021, is that between our two FYL retail locations and our online website, we can once again raise a respectful donation by donating a percentage of our overall sales during September to the organization, Ovarian Cancer Canada.

As Ovarian Cancer affects over 3,100 women in Canada every year and symptoms often go misdiagnosed, it is advised to speak to your family physician is you experience any of the following: sudden, unexpected weight loss, discomfort in your pelvis, abdominal area or lower back, changes in bowel habits (constipation), a more frequent need to urinate, persistent and/or painful bloating, changes in eating habits like feeling full quickly and low energy.

We love you Ashley & miss you dearly 

If you would prefer to make a monetary donation, please use the following secure PayPal link below.