She's brighter & bolder, Langley Store renewed!

Forever Yours Lingerie has come a long way since 1996 from its quaint beginnings in a 600 sq ft. boutique into a 4,000 sq ft. flagship store in the heart of Downtown Langley. 

As Sonya reflects on her beginnings in her first store, it's remarkable to think that between herself, her husband Brian, and Momma D, every single paint job and installation was DIY. Oh, and we can't forget to mention how she remembers painting the walls with her month-old son, Jack, strapped into a snuggly baby carrier - yes, she's a real-life superwoman!

When FYL moved into the flagship store back in 2008, Sonya's vision for the store design was "French Parisian, bold black floors and ceilings combined with baby pink wall color and furnishings." 

Wow! What a flashback. 
After a few years with this design, FYL went through another renovation in 2013. Sonya's vision for this renovation was to brighten up the "French Parisian" look with elements of cream and blush pink. We said goodbye to our matching black ceilings and floors by introducing new, white flooring. We also can't forget to mention our signature bold pink cash register that was a trademark in our store for the past nine years! 
Fast forward to 2022, it was about time for FYL Langley to get an extreme makeover kissing the French Parisian aesthetic goodbye and saying hello to a more premium and overall sophisticated look!  This would also be the first FYL renovation that was completed by outside contractors, and not Sonya and Brian themselves. 

When you open the doors to our newly renovated store, you are welcomed with a warm, bright atmosphere. You will notice all the key elements of Sonya's vision as you glance around the store. There is a majestic 12 ft. wide arch cabinet made by local millworkers (a team of mostly kick-ass women!) from Out of Line Designs, showcasing our beautiful lingerie and more.

Fresh coats of blush pink and white paint replacing the black ceiling courtesy of the dynamic team at Start2Finish Painting, who also completed the Burnaby store walls. Of course, we can't forget to mention the amazing contractors over at Heirloom Projects, who have brought Sonya's vision to life not once, but three times with the completion of Sonya's ensuite and the stunning Burnaby store! From start to finish, their team was on it. They ensured that we got our signature arched doorways, light fixtures, and installations completed within a (very tight) time frame of three weeks to open our doors again. 

Now, where did Sonya get the inspiration for this beautiful renovation? Well, the infamous booby wallpaper, of course! With the stunning free-form silhouettes, cosmetic blush color, and the emphasis on the feminine curve, you can see these elements sprinkled across the new Langley and our beautiful Burnaby sister store. Devine arched doorways, mirrors, and cabinets compliment the feminine curve, while elegant light fixtures and décor enhance the beauty of all of our bras, lingerie, and more!

Looking through the photographs is like flipping through a yearbook throughout the years and watching FYL bloom into the beautiful, bold and refined store that it is today. It is the dream store that Sonya has been cultivating for the past twenty-seven years of Forever Yours Lingerie, and now that dream has become a reality. 

That dream would not be possible without the FYL community! We wanted to express how grateful we are to be able to transform our store into a beautiful reflection of how hard we have worked throughout the years and especially the support from you! Our incredible loyal customers and supporters who have been here since day one or even those of you who are recent shoppers over the years; without you, it would not have been possible. 

We can't forget to mention our incredible team of 40 employees across the warehouse, Langley & Burnaby stores who helped in the renovation from start to finish. Cheers to Forever Yours Lingerie and our new chapter, and we hope to see you in our new store to find that perfect fit!