Our 28th Birthday Draw takes the cake!

What do you get when you combine someone with a sweet tooth who's love language is giving gifts, acts of service and a love of feeding people?


FYL is turning 28 years old this April! Hard to believe that I have been running this business since I was 21 years old. It's been such a fun, challenging and rewarding few decades with the most amazing, generous client base. 

For our birthday, I wanted to do something special for our Langley neighbors Raphael House and our Burnaby neighbors Ryan's Rainbow because giving back to our community is a really important part of running FYL for me. 

 In the words of Julia Child...a party without cake is just a meeting. 

When you are celebrating a birthday or a life milestone a cake is usually involved. But when you are facing food insecurity, and you're stretched to your limit financially, it's life's little extras like a 'frivolous' cake that get cut out. Imagine telling your little one that there's no money for a birthday cake... It makes me sad just thinking about it. 

So what are we going to do about it? My goal is to put together 100 'Birthday Bundles' (fully contained bundles that have everything you need to make a birthday/celebration cake, that can be picked up during the weekly shop at the food bank) that we can donate to Raphael House and Ryan's Rainbow's food banks.

That's where our amazingly generous clients and followers come in! 

We will be doing a draw for a $500 FYL gift card, and the ONLY way to get an entry form is to drop off an item for our Birthday Bundles!

We are collecting the following items:

• Cake Mix

• Can of frosting

• Birthday candles (please keep them generic, no numbers)

• Package of sprinkles 

• Aluminum pan with clear lid (10” x 12”)

Every item you bring in will be one entry, up to a maximum of 10 entries.

You can bring in as many components as you would like, but the entries will be capped at 10 per visit. ie: If you drop off 10 things, 4 times during April, you will get a total of 40 entries!

Donations will be accepted at both Langley & Burnaby

*Dropped off items need to be new, unopened & non expired to be accepted and to get an entry form. We will be accepting components from April 1 - 30 at both locations,

Draw will take place May 1st.


You can purchase all these items for under $2 each the Dollar Store or Walmart, add a few things on to your weekly shop and make someone else's life just a little sweeter!