Period Underwear that is (Not) Going with the Flow

Let's talk menstruation products! If you have ever felt the stress of dealing with leakage, discomfort or always worrying about having backup products “just in case”, we have the solution for you.

Forever Yours Lingerie is proud to introduce Revol Cares period underwear, which offers a variety of comfortable, leakproof styles that keep the stress away. Revol Cares has taken the period underwear market by storm with their immense attention to product detail and high quality standards, there is nothing in the industry quite like Revol Cares.

Whether you experience Bladder Leaks, a Menstrual Cycle, or are Post-Partum, Revol Cares has you covered – worry free, ALL Day and ALL Night!

Founder Sara Jonsdottir created Revol Cares because she believed in the importance of stress-free protection, while also focusing on an environmentally safe, PFAS-free Canadian design. PFAS are per- and poly-fluoroalkyl chemical substances commonly found in products made to be resistant to stain, oil, heat and water. When absorbed through the skin, these chemicals can have negative effects on human health and unfortunately can be a common ingredient to period underwear. Revol Cares is third-party tested for PFAS by Mamavation to ensure their products uphold a non-bias PFAS-free standard. Period.

Typically, people who purchase single-use menstrual products spend around $6,000 in their lifetime while using 17,000+ individual products while 34% of Canadians have concerns around accessibility and affordability. Revol Cares is here to change that, by prioritizing eco-friendly materials and responsible production by ensuring Oeko-Tex Certification and meeting the requirements for The Global Organic Textile Standard. Revol Cares also ensures ethical operations for their employees by managing their supply chain under SEDEX certified working conditions and using SMETA 4-Pillar Certified factories. When purchasing Revol Cares products, you are ensuring a long-lasting relationship with stress-free menstruation. From their recyclable, compostable packaging and shipping materials to biodegradable products, Revol Cares really does care about their employees, the environment and YOU.

Revol Cares is recognized by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada through the SOGC Brand Recognition Program which is a trusted seal in healthcare making it a no-brainer choice for your menstrual care products and beyond. By offering a variety of styles, sizes (XS- 4X) and absorption levels (15ml-140ml), Revol Cares aims to break stigmas behind menstruation and promote inclusivity and confidence to ALL persons.

We currently carry three styles online and in-stores, Margo, Freya and Charlie which offer Regular to Ultra absorbency levels, 12-hour protection and breathable odour control. Margo is a Regular 30ml absorbency Brief style for a non-bulky everyday fit delivering immense comfort. Freya is a high-rise Brief with mesh side panels offering 45ml of absorbency and a hint of added style. Charlie is the perfect boxer style for overnight wear offering 140ml of protection and coverage front to back as well as down the inner thighs. Revol Cares has gone above and beyond to product quality products that we stand behind whole heartedly.

Make yourself a priority, ditch the stress and join the “REVOLution” with Revol Cares at Forever Yours Lingerie.