Your Night Sweat Saviour

Did you know between 75-80% of women will suffer from night sweats at one point in their life? 
Many begin to experience night sweating during menopause, as you can frequently experience hot flashes no matter what time of day it is! If you're reading this blog, maybe this is already you and you're constantly having bad sleeps due to overheating or sweating all over your sheets. We get it, it's completely normal - and there are solutions! 

We have tested many sleepwear brands to find a special one that truly helps to combat the night sweats allowing you to get your much deserved rest! 

The brand Lusome has been carried in our locations and online for a while and now many of our customers swear by it - including FYL's owner, Sonya! Lusome is made with exclusive and innovative fabrics that have been proven to help with sweating and over heating and have become a favourite to many throughout the world!

Not only are their sleepwear styles fashionable and modest enough to wear around the house, Lusome fabrics allow you to sleep with ease and combat night sweats by eliminating moisture, bacteria and odour. The fabric works much like work out clothes do, it pulls perspiration away from the skin - making you feel cooler and more comfortable.
Check out the video below for the breakdown on the incredible fabric technology, Xirotex: 


Well worth the investment, Lusome anti-sweat nightwear is something that is bound to become a go-to in your sleepwear collection.