How to Shop for A Nursing Bra

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So you've bought the crib, decorated the nursery, folded all the onesies and are now just waiting for baby to arrive. Or maybe baby is already here! Either way, we want to make sure you're in a nursing bra that A) fits, B) you're comfortable in, and C) will last you through your nursing journey. In this post we're going over the 411 on when and how how to shop for a nursing bra and some frequently asked questions.

So, what exactly makes a nursing bra a nursing bra?! Sure they have those handy little clips at the base of each strap for easy drop-down feeding, but did you know that nursing bras have many other features designed to keep your changing body supported and comfortable? While regular bras usually have three rows of hooks, nursing bras often have six or more for the flexibility in band size. Your rib cage is going to naturally contract postpartum and a nursing bra is ready to adjust to this shrinkage because of this feature. Nursing bras are also usually lined with cotton to provide breath-ability, absorbency and maintain hygiene. Soft against tender skin and stretchy for added comfort, cotton is a new mom's best friend.

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The most common mistake we see new moms making is wanting to purchase a cup-specific bra before or immediately after they've given birth. We recommend investing in a well-structured nursing bra one to two weeks after baby has arrived. This ensures that your milk supply is regular and your breasts are no longer engorged. A structured bra will not only feel uncomfortable those first few weeks but also will compress and restrict the breast as it learns to regulate its milk supply. For the last three to four weeks of your pregnancy and for a short period after giving birth, a seamless, comfort style like the Cake Cotton Candy Bra or the Bravado Original Nursing Comfort Bra are ideal. These will stretch and move with your changing body all while providing you with that much needed comfort and support. In recent years, nursing bras have come a long way in terms of style and are now available in a variety of attractive colours, prints, and cuts! We even carry nursing tank tops for easy feeding in public and on-the-go. The Bravado Nursing Tank Top features the handy drop-down clips at the base of each strap and features a built-in shelf bra for light support. It's a perfect casual style that lets you feed baby with ease.