Glamory Hoisery

Let's introduce you to our favourite hoisery brand - Glamory! Being produced since 2005 in Germany, this European company is now taking the world by storm as their hosiery offers unique differences that lack in the industry. 

Glamory Hoisery
Glamory Hosiery is incredible for fitting a wide variety of different sizes and shapes of bodies - they are designed to work for heights up to 6'8" and work for sizes up to a 4X. 

Glamory offers a plethora of gorgeous styles to allow you to find the perfect set for any look you're achieving. Their stunning designs allow those with fuller thighs and hips to enjoy durable, very high quality hosiery!

People adore these tights for all these reasons but the main selling point that keeps them coming back is the fact they actually stay up and will not roll down! We've all been there where we are constantly adjusting our tights and are beyond uncomfortable - well, with Glamory hosiery this is a complaint of the past. 

Fish Net Hosiery

 On top of this hosiery looking fabulous and fitting comfortably, we need to highlight the fact that they are made to last. These tights are created with quality as a priority from start to finish so they are highly durable - say goodbye to runs in your tights! We do suggest after each use using Soak Wash to hand wash them to continue to look their best!