Coucou Suzette Boobs Socks
Coucou Suzette Boobs Socks
Coucou Suzette Boobs Socks

Coucou Suzette Boobs Socks


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Here are the famous Coucou Suzette Boobs Socks: perfect quirky gift, the brand's best-seller ever! Add a pop of colour to your outfit with these fun crew socks!

  • Crew length socks
  • Boobie pattern
  • Complementary colour on toe, heel, and top
  • Fabric Content: 72% Cotton, 27% Polyamide, 1% Elastane

  • One-size fits most (size 5-10).
  • Unisex


For Bras, Swimwear, and Delicate Lingerie

  • Handwash with a mild laundry wash or detergent
  • Fill basin with warm water and let soak for as long as your wash product suggests
  • Rinse thoroughly if required
  • Dab off excess water with a towel and lay flat to dry or hang to dry. Bras should be hung by the center gore, not by the straps or band to prevent fabric stretching.
  • Refrain from putting your bras, lingerie and swimwear in the washer or dryer. Even on a gentle cycle, the weight of the wet garment combined with the rotation of the washer is very hard on the fabric and can lead to a very expensive repair bill. (Trust us on this.)
  • For all other items, follow the wash instructions as suggested on the garment tag.